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Jamaat times may change according to circustances
NOTE: No Salaat to be performed in the 10mins prior to Dhuhr start

Our mission: GBMF exists to provide the local community with an Islamic environment conducive to education, extra-curricular activites, and prayer facilities; catering for the full range of age groups in our community, to educate and improve awareness and create harmony and cohesiveness in our community.

We have more than £500,000 Qardh-eHassanah to repay. We need YOUR help. Please encourage family and friends to donate and earn Sadaqah Jariyyah/Esahle Swaab for yourselves and your loved ones - May Allah swt accept all our efforts!
For donations: our Al Rayan bank account details are:
Name: GBMF, Sort Code: 30-00-83, Account#: 01364401