Covid-19 - Masjid Re-Opening

As of Thursday 9th July, we have re-opened for daily jamaats – Please read and follow these guidelines:

  • Masjid facility will open 15 mins before each Salah and close immediately after
  • We will be holding one Jumma jamaat (for men only) – limited spaces, on a first come basis – see timetable for Jamaat times
  • Anyone under age 12yrs, over 70yrs or having any fever or cough symptoms, MUST NOT attend
  • All Sunnah & Nawafil prayers (before/after Salah) to be prayed at home
  • Please use hand sanitizer upon arrival
  • You must bring your own prayer mat and shoe bag
  • You must wear a face mask at all times
  • You MUST keep 1+ meter distance in the Masjid at all times and pray ONLY on the allocated spots. No gathering or handshakes/close contact with others
  • Wudhu/Toilet facilities will NOT be available at the Masjid
  • Registration will be taken for every Salah

We have set a target of £63K to raise by end September 2021. If a you have Paypal account, you can easily donate now:

Please click this link to donate just £5 (of course, you can donate more or less – just edit the number on the next screen, after you click the link).

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘Alyhi Wasallam) said:“…the best deeds are those done regularly, even if they are small.” [Ibn Mājah]

It will just take a few seconds, and insha’Allah. Please encourage your friends and contacts – this will also be a means for Sadaqah Jariyya for you!

The GBMF is providing much needed services and facilities for the muslim community. We plan to offer services to the wider community as well, to promote harmony and cohesion.
The GBMF site was purchased at auction for £820K. Of this, £511K was Qardh-eHassanah to be repaid by Sept 2022. We need YOUR help. Please encourage family and friends to donate and earn Sadaqah Jariyyah/Esahle Swaab for yourselves and your loved ones – May Allah swt accept all our efforts! (Ameen).
Alhamdolillah, we have managed to repay in full the 1st three years’ Qardh-e-Hassana repayments – leaving ~£123,000 to repay. Going forward, we need to raise £63K by Sept 2021. This is the current status of our appeal:

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To make a donation, please click this link to donate just £5 or visit the Donations page, to donate AND GiftAid it – so; for every £10 you give, we will get £12.50 – thank you, and JazakAllah Khairun.

(GBMF Trustees)