We are planning to create a purpose built wudu facility for our masjid. We need to raise a total of £35,000 for this project. We would encourage everyone to donate generously. We need YOUR help. Please encourage family and friends to donate and earn Sadaqah Jariyyah/Esahle Swaab for yourselves and your loved ones – May Allah swt accept all our efforts! (Ameen).

NOTE: If you have donated, then please don’t forget to fill in our donor details/GifAid form. If you are a UK taxpayer the value of your donation can increase by 25% at no extra cost to you. So, for every £10 you give, we will get £12.50.

For general donations:

Our Al Rayan bank account details are:

Name: GBMF
Sort Code: 30-00-83
Account#: 01364401

You can donate by cheque (payable to “GBMF”) or by using PayPal, now:

Please click this link to donate just £5 (of course, you can donate more or less – just edit the number on the next screen, after you click the link).

Or, donate using one of the links below (you can setup a regular monthly payment, by clicking on the “Virgin Money Giving” link):

Virgin Money Giving for GBMF

Current Projects

When you sponsor a musallah or a classroom or even a student place, you have given sadaqah jariyah towards renovating the structure, roof, walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, decoration, electrical, audio, CCTV, and the carpet of this masjid, madressah and community centre.

 This will be an eternal contract where the rewards you gain from this sadaqah jariyah will insha’Allah continue until the day of judgement.

NOTE: You can sponsor on your own, or a group of family/firends could get together to make a collective sponsorship for a Musallah or Classroom, as a sadaqah jariyah for ones self/group, or for deceased relatives.

Musallah Projects:
We have 200 musallahs at £500 per musallah, to sponsor a musallah, please donate using this:


Classroom Project:
We have 14 Classrooms at £1500 per class that can be sponsored as sadaqah jariyah, please do this using:


Student Place Sponsorship Project:
You may if you wish sponsor one student position at £100 (with 15 students per class):